The Travelogue: Day 4 in Iloilo

Due to repairs that had to be made to the house, Jen’s mother hadn’t wanted us to stay in their family home for too long, so after four days we were to check into a hotel in the city. I was excited. Though I had greatly appreciated her family’s hospitality, my favourite parts of the […]

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The Travelogue: Bearland

‘Don’t drink the water’ is a common  piece of advice given when traveling to developing countries, and I know from personal experience it applies to the Philippines. During my last visit six years ago, my Tita mixed up my water bottle of clean drinking water with one of tap water. The results weren’t pleasant. After […]

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Iloilo: Out the Window

      We drove with the windows down. Jen’s Kuya’s car didn’t have working air-conditioning, so we had to make do with blasts of barely-cool air as we sped down the highways and narrow streets of Iloilo and its provinces. While Jen spoke to her relatives in a language I didn’t understand, I gazed […]

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The Travelogue: Perfect Mangoes, ‘Mixed Vegetables’, and Chicken Intestines

One thing I will always miss about the Philippines are the mangoes. The saccharine flesh is so golden, it’s as if you are eating sunshine itself. As your spoon glides gently through, you can’t help spill its juice onto your fingers and clothes, so succulent are they. Ah, matamis! After all the greasy, fried food I’d […]

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