35mm Philippines: Cubao & Makati

35mm Philippines: April 1st – April 6th 2017

As stifling as the pollution, heat, and humidity are in Manila, I enjoy walking the city’s streets. There’s busyness beyond the likes of my day to day life, and a vibrance, helped by the tropical sun, that is stragenly invigorating, whether it was the local market around the corner from my tita’s, to the streets in the centre of Makati.

My Olympus XA2 is one camera I like to have on me at all times when traveling. It’s small, fast, and inconspicuous, with a sharp 35mm Zuiko lens. It’s my preferred tool for street photography, and for taking general snapshots on the fly. I particularly enjoyed taking tricycles, so I could see more of the area and snap photos out the door.

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